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About Freedom Today Network

Freedom Today Network is a media network for people who love innovation, technology & progress and Freedom Today is our magazine. We spread the word — and video — about individual liberty, voluntary cooperation and innovation that pushes humanity forward. We also support the resistance against coercion, irresponsibility, and paternalism with arguments and facts. Furthermore, we want to give people a voice that is otherwise not heard. 

Freedom Today Network LTD
Kandoy House
2 Fairview Strand
Dublin 3, Ireland

Our Target Group

Anyone with a open heart and mind for other people’s liberty. And anyone wishing to learn about these ideas. It’s that simple.


We publish opinion and analysis articles on current affairs from politics to culture with a focus on individual liberty. If you want to pitch an article we’ll be glad to hear from you at


We made videos before we started Freedom Today Network and we continue here. So far, our interviews and features took us to Iceland, India, Ireland and Estonia covering politics, technology, economics and more. We plan to add more regularly.

Our Proposal

If you like to write, take photos, draw, rhyme, make music, film, edit, animate, remix or correct writing: Please, take a moment to look at our work. If you like it and could imagine working with us we’d be happy to hear from you.